- What kind of boat can I rent?

We can offer a sailboat, catamaran, motorboat or a gulet.

Before deciding, would you please answer next questions:
How big is your group, how many persons?
Do you prefer comfort and luxury more that sailing abilities of the boat?
Do you need to hire a skipper? If you do, please know that skipper needs one cabin for himself... (most catamarans have separate cabin for a skipper)

- How do I make the booking?

First step is your enquiry with all the needed info (number of people, exact week, your budget etc), then we will prepare an offer with several boats to choose from. When you decide which boat you would like to charter, we can keep it for you for couple of days, so you can arrange your flights, accomodation etc. When you are ready to make the booking, we will connect you with our booking partner and they will provide you necessary info. To confirm the booking, it is needed to pay half of the charter price. The other half has to be payed one month before the start of the charter.

- On what days in a week charter starts and ends?

Chartering a boat in Croatia mostly starts and ends of saturday. In high season there are no exceptions, but until may and from october it is possible to charter boat for less days and changover can be on different days.
If you need less days in high season, it can work only if you accept to pay for the entire week or sometimes as last minute arrangement.

- Is it possible to start earlier on saturday?

Yes, that is possible in most charter companies and there is an extra cost.
Please make request for early check in and we will let you the time and the price (not every charter company charges the same).

- Can we start sailing from one harbour and finish in another?

Yes, one way sailing is possible but number of boats is limited, that is why please make a request and will let you know about one way sailing possibilities.

- Do we need to hire a professional skipper?

No, but we always suggest that due to skipper's local knowledge which is crucial during your sailing holidays.
That way, you can enjoy your holidays completely.
In case you would like to do bareboat charter, you need to send us a copy of your license and we will check is it valid in Croatia.

- How do we make the payment to the skipper?

Skipper's fee is separate from the charter cost. At the end of your sailing trip, you are obliged to pay his arranged fee. Exceptions are boats where crew is included in the charter price (big catamarans, mega yachts and gulets), there you don't pay the crew separately. Of course, the tip is not included in the charter price.

- Where does the skipper sleep?

Skipper needs one cabin for himself, so when deciding which boat to book, you should bare that in mind. Reason is obvious, skipper is working and has to be alert 24/7, therefore it is crucial for him to have enough sleep.
Most of catamarans already have skipper cabin, it is on the deck, separate from the guests cabins.

- Which currency is used in Croatia?

In Croatia , you should have Kunas, although in some places Euros are accepted. But if you use Euros, you may lose value due to different exchange currency. Therefore, we suggest changing your currency in HRK, Croatian Kunas.

- Can we pay services in Croatia with a credit card?

You should know that many restaurants and bars on Croatian islands still don't accept credit cards. Supermarkets  will mostly accept credit cards but be prepared to visit ATM from time to time. This can be anoying if you don't know but if you get ready to have enough cash, than you will be fine.

- Is bed linen, towels and cutlery included on the boat?

Most of the times, there is extra charge for the towels. Bed linen is included, as well as complete cutlery in the kitchen. Dishes detergent, kitchen sponges and toilet paper are not included so make sure to buy some.

- Is there a possibility for some people to leave earlier or others to arrive later during the sailing trip?

Changes of the crew are possible but that has to be indicated on time, so that charter company can change the crew list in the right moment and send it to you by mail of fax.
In case the crew list is different in any way than the actual situation on the boat, the skipper can get fined.

- What is custom for tipping in Croatia?

There is no general rule like in USA for example, but it became customary to leave the tip in case you are satisfied with the service of the waitor, taxi driver, crew member, since the tip is not included like in some countries. On the boats, it is customary to leave at least 10% of the charter price.
Of course, it is absolutely your call how much you are willing to tip, every amount will be appreciated.