South Dalmatia

Smallest and least populated region on Croatian coast. South Dalmatia Smallest and least populated region on Croatian coast. Includes coastline from the river Neretva on the north to Molunat on the south, islands Korčula, Lastovo, Mljet, Elaphiti and Pelješac peninsula. This region is popular among sailors due to it's intended coastline , very rich history, beautiful nature and great weather. Of course many sailors don't miss a chance to visit world famous walled city of Dubrovnik. Sailing is always more enjoyable knowing that there are lot of islands, marinas and bays where sailors can spend their time, what this region definitely has.

Most important destinations:

Pelješac - longest Croatian peninsula, full of natural bays , beaches and wineyards. Famous for long maritime tradition, winemaking and oysters farms.
Lastovo - furthest Croatian inhabited island, rich with unspoilt and beautiful nature. Very popular among sailors who appreciate peace and crystal clear water with rich underwater life.
Korčula town - historical walled town overlooking Pelješac peninsula. Place no sailor could avoid when navigating these waters.
Cavtat - southernmost town in Croatia, in the neighbourhood of famous Dubrovnik. Cavtat is fascinating and cultured destination in itself. Settled on a peninsula, it has strong connection to the sea in every way. Birthplace of famous Croatian painter Vlaho Bukovac. When in the area, his museum in Cavtat is a "must".
Mljet NP - beautiful sight throughout the whole year, walking along the shores of the two lakes will make your stay very pleasant. Numerous hiking and biking trails, spreadout the whole teritory, always in the shadow, will provide perfect venue for active holidays lovers.
Elaphiti islands - group of 13 islands near Dubrovnik. Only 3 are inhabited, Koločep, Lopud and Šipan. All of them are beautiful and still not very touristy, that is quite a miracle considering Dubrovnik is very close.
Ston - small town located on the south of peninsula Pelješac, famous for longest walls in the world after the ones in China. Those walls were protecting the Dubrovnik republic. Besides the walls, Ston is very well known for authenthic cuisine, oyster production and saltworks.