Istria and Kvarner

Istria is Croatian largest peninsula that borders with Croatia and Italy. Offers incredible variety of beautiful beaches, lush mountain forests and pictoresque stone villages. Istria and Kvarner

Istria is Croatian largest peninsula located in western end of the coast.
In it's small area it offers incredible variety of beautiful beaches , lush mountain forests and pictoresque stone villages .
Istria is famous for it's amazing cuisine and wines, but above all friendly people.
On the map, Istria doesn't seem to have many islands but when you sail there , you will be surprised by the number of small islands and hidden coves.
Some of them will be perfect lunch and swim spot, while others can be nice overnight anchorage.

Benefits of sailing in Istria and Kvarner

Istria's coastline is intended and has many quiet coves and bays, but there are not so many islands like in southern parts of Croatia.
This offers relaxed sailing on the clear open sea, but still very close to many nice harbours to visit.
Kvarner is connected to Istria by land and the sea and has five large islands (Cres, Krk, Lošinj, Pag and Rab) and over 50 smaller ones.
Sailors can find nice old towns and amazing beaches wherever they are, but winds in this area are asking for more attention occasionaly, especially Bura (NE).

Recommended destinations in Istria and Kvarner

Rovinj - most beautiful and very romantic coastal town in Istria
Pula - the capital of Istria , with it's Roman amphiteather from 1st century, now used for numerous concerts and events. City of Pula is very rich with history, and delicious gastronomic offer
Brijuni - national park that spreads over 14 islands near Pula, very important historical and nautical area that offers excursions, sports and accomodation.
Cres - very rich with beautiful nature sites. Main town Cres highly recommended
Krk - ideal for active holiday. Also has several important towns . Very good lamb and white wine.
Lošinj - famous for health tourism for more than a century
Unije - small peaceful island known for it's olive growing tradition and beautiful pictoresque anchorages