Pelješac wine festival

Peljesac is hosting wine festival each december, and that is something what every winemaker and wine lover shouldn't miss.... Pelješac wine festival

Every beginning of december, Peljesac peninsula is the venue of wine festival. We heard that is something that every wine lover should attend. And it was great decision to do so... Pelješac is known as the birthplace of Plavac mali, most dominant sort of red wine in Croatia. This was 12th time that local winemakers organized the festival, and we can't believe we haven't visited it before. We were group of eight, all of us working on yachts during summer, so all familiar with local wines and food. But this was different occasion, where everyone has opportunity to see where and how the wines were made. We left Split at 7am and headed directly for Ston, lovely town at the very beginning of the peninsula. Festival was declared opened at the town hall at 11am, also it was important to be there to buy the official wine glass, after that every wine you try on the whole wine region is free of charge. Good news, we all agreed. Not only that, wineries open their doors for visitors, and most of them offer local food. At noon, all visitors start making their way towards the wineries.

Our first stop was village Ponikve and famous winery Miloš. We never miss a chance to stop there to have a chat with the members of the family, and of course to try their excellent wines. Most of us prefer their Stagnum, no wonder since that is champion among their wines....Nearby winery Vukas was outstanding as well, especially Rose....We spend more time there than we planned, and it was Rose that kept us there, no regrets about that....
Next stop was Janjina village, where lunch was organized. Gulash and Cod were the options, both excellent. Winemakers from that part of Pelješac displayed their products, from which we need to mention Grgurević Grand Cru, really special wine for special occasions.

With full stomachs we proceeded to village Potomje, to last stop of this festival. Our first winery there was Boris Violić, where we were welcomed by the owner. He made a small presentation of his wines and offered all the guests tasty food what was prepared by his family. It was all followed by singing from local band. Really lot of fun it was to be there.....The final event was organized in Matusko winery, probably the most famous name of the whole Pelješac. His cellars are spectacular, really unexpected when you enter. It is easy to get lost down there...Especially after lot of wine:) Big party took place there, until morning.... We rented a house in Orebić, largest town on Pelješac. So after lot of wine and food we decided game is over and left the show. Our driver Ante was sober all day and we were happy to have him with us. Local police used every chance to punish drunk drivers, and there were many of those . Luckily , we didn't have those problems and made to Orebić safely. This trip was trully memorable, we expanded our knowledge about local wines, food and traditions so this festival will be a must in years that will follow.