Island Susak- piece of heaven on earth

Susak is tiny sandy island located off the coast of North Adriatic- known as one of the most special places in Croatia. Island Susak- piece of heaven on earth

Island Susak is not the place to show off . Just the opposite, that is the spot to recharge the batteries from every day stress of life. Susak is made of sandy soil, basicly you can't get rid of it there...It's very remote, even in high season there are no crowds. Cars are not allowed on the whole island , which gives very peaceful feel to this unique island.

Susak is the place to be for everybody seeking the peace and quiet, all of that in unspoilt nature .

The only settlement on the island consists of two villages connected by the steap staircase, surrounded by the sandy vineyards and olive groves. Unfortunately most of the houses on the island are abandoned. Between the two wars, most of island population left to other continents due to the crops disease. Now they all have reunion once a year, last sunday in july.  Many homes and renovated by the funds from Susak imigrants from Australia, North and South America etc...

Particular feature of Susak is that locals speak a very unusual type of dialect and extremely colorful traditional clothes. Women of Susak are the only in Europe to wear traditional skirts above the knee. The whole island is protected cultural heritage site. At the moment, most of emigrants from Susak live in Hoboken, New Jersey, United States. 

According the latest census, only 151 people live on Susak island. 

Easiest way to visit Susak is from city of Rijeka or nearby island of Lošinj . Catamarans depart twice a day and the price is 50 kuna per person.

If you have a chance to visit Susak, do it no matter what, you wan't regret it!